Jendamark’s fully integrated software platform is the next level in driving efficiencies on your production line. Named for the one-eyed Norse god of wisdom, Odin sees all. From individual workstations to the entire production line, Odin gives you the tools to manage every aspect of your manufacturing and assembly process.

Odin WorkStation | Odin Manager | Odin LineWatch

Common Production Line Problems

  • Increasing complexity of manual lines, requiring costly operator training
  • Human error leads to potentially costly ramifications and time delays
  • Lack of flexibility to meet custom assembly and dynamic production requirements
  • Mass customisation trends demand many variants of operations
  • Lack of traceability of results due to uncontrolled, unaudited processes
  • Lack of real-time results and self-service reporting on manual lines
  • Lack of transparency on real-time line status, such as efficiency and performance
  • Lack of timely insights for production managers and operators that improve communication and action e.g. overall equipment effectiveness, production output and cycle times

Introducing Smart Paperless Production

Jendamark’s Odin software platform currently features three custom modules designed to solve problems and integrate perfectly with our production facilities. The platform includes a standard API, which allows third-party developers to create additional customised apps for optimising a production line.


Odin WorkStation

Low-cost shopfloor application with a simple visual interface to guide operators and optimise quality and performance.


  • Operations are fully customisable to continuously maximise efficiencies
  • Allows for mass customisation by guiding worker through a range of variants
  • Eliminates negligible errors like incorrect part fitting or tool selection
  • Reduces rework time and costly delays
  • Reduces time and resources spent on training
  • Overcomes literacy problems and language barriers


  • Step-by-step animated work instructions for assemblers
  • Functions on entry-level computer
  • Optional augmented reality glasses for freedom of movement and remote tech support
  • Includes a rework system to put failed parts back into production
  • Tracks process data, creating a clear audit trail
  • Includes long-term traceability interface
  • Runs diagnostics

Odin Manager

Easy-to-use, web-based production line management system that enables live process changes.


  • Customer can manage own workflow
  • Set up and reconfigure production lines
  • Manage stations, operations and shifts
  • Set up and manage hardware such as scanners and bolting tools
  • View reports and analyse data


  • Custom process engineer interface
  • Flexible configuration system allowing process deviations after commissioning or during a cycle
  • Real-time reporting with self-service capabilities using own parameters

Odin LineWatch 

This at-a-glance production line overview enables split-second decision-making.


  • Live information on line status, efficiency and performance
  • Timeous insights help production managers to note and correct potential issues
  • Reduces production cycle times


  • View app on TV screen or computer
  • Complex calculations done in real time
  • Immediate automated SMS/email notifications of problems or errors
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